Otomatik Muziek///Echonomy Split Series #1

OM#5: Julius Gabriel & Benjamin Whitehill – Echonomy Split Series #1
Release Date: 05/01/2018.
Edition of 40 tapes
7€ + postal service
Preorder here.
1. Benjamin Whitehill – The Month Of January
2. Julius Gabriel – Live At Black Box
Echonomy Series is looking to select works already released in small editions or download-onlies and to recontextualise them.
The recordings put together here on Echonomy#1, although originated with no knowledge of their counterpart, share the same approach to extend the possibilities of traditional instruments.
Although they’ve never met before, Julius Gabriel, on saxophone, and Benjamin Whitehill on percussion instruments, form a similar communion of improvised sound fed through feedback electronics.
Ben’s original tape „The Month Of January“ was self-released in 2016 in an edition of 15 c40 tapes on his own Difficult Folk-imprint. His rework, done exclusively for OM, sounds as if directly reacting to the recordings of Julius‘ liveset, self-released as a download in 2016 under Julius‘ moniker Para Dise, and vice versa. While Julius builds up thick walls of reed which ebb and flow in different directions, from psychedelia to waves of harsh noise, Ben builds up a shimmering cascade of edited percussion pieces. Both performances deliver a similar way to think improvisation; raw and tender, blank and sensitive. One can feel delicate self-effacement, a well-tought-out sense of balance through the feedback and noise.
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Otomatik Muziek///DRNTTCKS – Es Ist Alles So Schön

OM#4: DRNTTCKS – Es Ist Alles So Schön
Release Date: 13/07/2017.
Edition of 40 tapes
6€ + postal service
Preorder here.
Vertikale Souveränität
Enduring Freeform
Totalstaat (in Dub)
Recorded within the last 3 years, these improv jams were never intended to be released as an album, but, as it often happens within improvisation, sometimes things just click.
While being locked away in a wooden hut in the middle of nowhere, northeast France, with nothing but rain pouring down outside, Franz Joseph, one half of DRNTTCKS, gave some old jams a deep re-listening while doing rough mixes of some more recent recordings, and suddenly, it all was there. Titles popping up, different recordings floating into one another, all held together by one sentence, truism, lie: „Es Ist Alles Schön“ – it is all so beautiful.
Here we have a culmination of live recordings with just two mics hanging around in the room, more carefully structured songs like „Totalstaat (In Dub)“, some short skits of noise, sitting right beneath the eruptive doom freakout of „Proteinkreuz“, or a more minimalistic, feedback-driven version of the DRNTTCKS sound spectrum like „Memoryschaum“.
See this one as a kind of mixtape. Or a document of life on earth, 2017, distilled through the machines of the Drone Attacks.
Endure Freeform.
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Police Eternity

EROtomatik Muziek macht Disco. Afterhour. Genauer: Drone-Afterhour.
02. April, ab 06.00 Uhr. Come join us. Der Hintergrund ist ein politischer:
Nürnbergs Afterhours sind gerade gern genutzte Zielscheibe für die Profilierung von Provinzpolitik, Provinzpolizei und Provinznachrichten – es geht um Drogen, Angst vor Drogen, kommunalpolitischer Kritik an Techno an sich, die Exekutive lässt sich natürlich nicht zweimal bitten, ein Afterhour-Verbot liegt in der Luft, strengere Sperrstunden ebenfalls – und schon kommt man sich vor wie im feudalen Nürnberg der Vor-Renaissance, oder der Kaiserzeit, oder der Nazi… nein, mit der Keule soll man ja nicht immer kommen. Daher legen wir oben ein paar Tonnen Bass oben drauf, bis all die Schäferhunde sich wieder ein bisschen beruhigt haben. Die Bassdrum bleibt aber genauso unter den Trümmern der Nacht vergraben wie auch alle anderen Reste von Rythmus – this one’s about Drone. Nein, nicht Ambient und psychedelisches Geblubber. Stattdessen endlose Bässe, fiese Obertöne, Spektralsounds to mess up your mind, Minimal Music Library Sounds, Synthiekaskaden und Bäder aus weißem Noise – there’s no better way, um gemeinsam mit euch die ersten Sonnenstrahlen zu stalken.

Selected von Ambassador Kaputt (Otomatik Muziek) mit sehr speziellen Visuals von Prizesin Haralt und Musik von Wolf Eyes bis Oren Ambarchi,Pauline Oliveros bis Joachim Nordwall, und vom Neokarma Jooklo Trio bis Maria W. Horn.

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Dancing With Teargas In My Eyes

mm11.3.17 ::: MMODEMM + WE ARE 138 + OTOMATIK MUZIEK ::: k4 Nürnberg
lo-fi house, raw techno, sweet synths, spectral drones
Zentralcafé & Stammheim K4
AMNFX dj (100% Silk, Opal Tapes, MMODEMM, Moskau)
ROLANDE GARROS live (Les Trucs, MMODEMM, Paris)
CARL SIMON dj (Les Trucs, MMODEMM, Frankfurt)
S.U.V. live / installation (DRNTTCKS, Otomatik Muziek)
GIOVANNI TONTURO live / vj (Team Underbelly, Leipzig)
Im Stammheim direkt vor dem Zentralcafé läuft an diesem Abend eine über zweistündige S.U.V.-Soundinstallation auf drei Kanälen unter dem Titel „Neoliberal Folk Songs #2“, die speziell für diesen Abend präpariert wurde. Drei Boxen, sich langsam tonal verschiebende Spektralsounds, Dunkle Räume aus statischem Noise , Sequencer, die sich ständig verschieben und sich selbst jagen. Be there.
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O.P.P. (Other People’s Projects)

tumblr_okl6eiupjm1w43bmuo1_1280Der beste Blog seit Langem: Hello Object. Pro Woche erschaffen sich drei neue surreale Objektwesen. Oder werden erschaffen von der Nürnberger Akademie-Studentin Simone Karl.
Genauso gut: Auf Ronnie Oliveras‘ SPAM erscheint demnächst eine Koop von Nils Quak mit seinem damals dreijährigen Sohn: King Kungo / Da ist der Rhein. Also ich find’s gut.


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Back To The Saarvanne.

Neues Datashock-Video. 5 Minuten stille Einkehr mit der Gang.
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Otomatik Muziek///Steward Martha – Roofbauw

OM#3: Steward Martha – Roofbauw
Release Date: 31/01/2016.
Edition of 40 tapes
5€ + postal service
Preorder here.

1. Tunnel
2. Brug
The sounds Steward Martha processes on synthesizers, bass guitars, various objects and effect pedals feel at times like the musical equivalent to a polyphonic novel – different voices and tones, babbling and fabulating a wild maze of a story. It’s all about the Roofbauw, whatever the Roofbauw is.
The title of the album, as well as the titles of both tape sides, Brug and Tunnel, suggest a wide range of associations: from architecture to sound ecology to yoga poses; the latter was, most obviously, used by Dicey Studios for the supreme visual translation: the fucked up bridge. In fact, Steward Martha’s music is nodding to the esoteric world of new age and yoga, but it’s a crude yoga pose that’s struck here – contorted, whacky and, yes, kinky. It‘s body music. And it‘s fun.
Talking about the body: you can virtually feel the improvised character of this music; there’s a very physical approach to it, recorded from scratch in one take, as the brute sounds start a life of their own, they breathe, evolve, merge. The extended use of techniques like tape looping and the transformation of singular sounds via delay pedals leads into a buzzing musical jungle, the hypnotic ambience of more rhythm-oriented freebeat artists flows together with buzzing fields of improvised noise, slowly evolving into a gaudíesque tower of melting soundwaves, a playful sort of Merzbau. Again, we’re talking architecture. Dream architecture.
Bridges and tunnels: they get you from here to there. Just follow the way of the Roofbauw.
Steward Martha is the moniker of Belgian Niels Verougstraete. Niels also runs the tape label Kerm, where he continues to release musics of some of Belgium’s finest (and underrated) experimental artists like Köhn, Godfried-Willem Raes or Draaier/Frezer. Roofbauw is his first solo outing.
Instrumentation: Antonelli Electronic Organ 2410, Roland JX-03, Korg Microkorg, BC Rich Bass, Boss Loopstation RC-2, Boss Overdrive / Dist OS-2, Boss ME 50B, Korg Monotron Delay, Cassette Loops, Microphone, Various Objects, Toys.
Recorded May 2016 at The Kerm Kantoor, Gentbrugge Belgium
Image based on a photo by Adrian Valenzuela, graphic design Dicey Studios
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